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Bully cats were no match to him either. One night, tom and jerry are awakened by uncle pecos who has come over after being kicked out by his aunt.

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Tom and jerry jerry's uncle. He decides to rehearse with his guitar for the performance but each time he plays, one of his guitar strings snaps off. Jerry's uncle is the new arrival to the house and he's ready to prank tom!tom and jerry tuesdays! He has only two whiskers on his face yet it's the colour of black.

Unclo pecos has grey fur, a guitar, a black cowboy hat, a red scarf, a red nose with a white moustache and blue boots. He is the strongest guy on the series. His first appearance is in jerry's cousin and he is a tough mouse and no cats, not even tom could defeat him, even the dirty work inc.

Tom broke the guitar and placed it in the toilet. Tom and jerry are both great, but the real star is uncle pecos, marvellously voiced by shug fisher. Directed by chuck jones, maurice noble.

Jerry's uncle, a magician, comes to visit jerry and torment tom. Jerry escapes into his mousehole, but accidentally bangs his uncle's head on the wall just above the mousehole while doing so. Jerry's heartbroken uncle moves in with the two friends.welcome to the official boomerang uk youtube channel, the place where you can watch funny cartoon vid.

Jerry flushes it, causing pecos to use a harmonica and making a flower grow another guitar. The song itself may grate to some people, but i like it, it has a real. Pictures (warnermedia byline), warner bros.

His music then begins to drive tom and jerry crazy and they must focus on getting the guitar. Say uncle is the eleventh episode in the second season of the tom and jerry show. When uncle harry comes to see his nephews from a long trip, he fakes his death and scares tom, to teach him a lesson.

Jerry's eccentric uncle, pecos, a texas mouse, comes to spend the night with him before his musical performance on television the next day. Tom and jerry youtube tom and jerry c'est la vie.

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